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Our 3-Way Exfoliating Mitt has 3 unique sides for 3 different exfoliating levels.

  • Ensures the cleanest smoothest skin so your NEW tan is streak free and perfect
  • Silicone hairs give light/med exfoliation and promote circulation/blood flow
  • Turn inside out and use the honeycomb silicone for med/hard exfoliation and deeper circulation of skin/blood flow
  • 3 layer buffing side promotes the most exfoliation where loosened skin will be trapped by the layers
  • Antibacterial and Washable
  • Hanging Loop for drying



Use mitt 24 hours before sunless tanning session. To use, apply SPRAY STUDIO BLANK CANVAS to skin per direction or soak in BLANK CANVAS Tan Removing Bath Soak for 10-15 mins to loosen dead skin and tan. Use mitt to exfoliate skin in a circular motion. Layers of skin, old tan and impurities will roll off the body onto your mitt. Rinse skin. Finish by washing skin and moisturizing very well. Glove is washable, bleach-able and reusable.

Exfoliate 3-Way Silicone Mitt

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