House rules

At Airbrushed Sunless we believe that looking your best leads to feeling your best and when you feel your best, you live your best life.  We believe that everyone is beautiful as they are and we are about enhancing your natural beauty. Getting a spray tan is an act of self love for yourself and is meant to make you feel your best so please do not talk bad or feel ashamed of your  body while getting your tan on.  We want you to look and feel your best and that all begins with the image you have of yourself and how you talk to and about yourself.

  1.  The number one house rule is absolutely NO body bashing or negative self talk.

  2. No apologizing for stretch marks, wrinkles or any other normal part of being human.

  3. Please arrive on time as appointments are scheduled every 15 minutes.  One person running too late could put everyone else behind.

  4. If you need to cancel please do so 24 hours in advance.  Please also allow 24 hours in advance to reschedule unless emergency. Unfortunately if you are a no call no show we will ask that you pay in advance for future bookings.