How Long Do Spray Tans Last?

Updated: Jul 26

One of the most asked questions is how long does the spray tan last. Below I am going to answer that for you and help you understand what factors go into play.

Short answer: anywhere from 5-10 days or longer with proper prep and maintenance as well as using the right products on your skin.


  1. How active are you?? -Do you swim, sweat excessively, sit in saunas, hot-tubs?

  2. What type of products do you use on your skin? -Gentle natural products, salon grade products made for spray tans (Recommended) or no products?

  3. Did you properly prep your skin for your spray tan? -Exfoliate with mitt -not loofah, no deodorants, lotions, perfume on skin at time of tan or while tan is developing.

  4. Did you wear loose fitting clothing while tan was developing?

  5. Do you stay hydrated?

  6. Do you moisturize daily with spray tan friendly lotion?