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How Long Do Spray Tans Last?

Updated: Mar 19, 2023

One of the most asked questions is how long does the spray tan last. Below I am going to answer that for you and help you understand what factors go into play.

Short answer: anywhere from 5-10 days or longer with proper prep and maintenance as well as using the right products on your skin.


  1. How active are you?? -Do you swim, sweat excessively, sit in saunas, hot-tubs?

  2. What type of products do you use on your skin? -Gentle natural products, salon grade products made for spray tans (Recommended) or no products?

  3. Did you properly prep your skin for your spray tan? -Exfoliate with mitt -not loofah, no deodorants, lotions, perfume on skin at time of tan or while tan is developing.

  4. Did you wear loose fitting clothing while tan was developing?

  5. Do you stay hydrated?

  6. Do you moisturize daily with spray tan friendly lotion?

Long answer, considering the above factors will help you determine how long your spray tan will last.

If you are a very active person who sweats excessively for work or exercise, swims or are going to be in hot tubs, saunas, ocean etc. this will fade your tan quicker since these activities naturally exfoliate your skin and that is how a tan fades, when your skin goes through the natural exfoliating process.

The type of products used on your tan is also a key factor. Some products can dry your skin out or again exfoliate your skin so that your tan will be fading quicker. This is why we recommend our gentle body wash made for Spray Tans and our salon grade moisturizers.

Next, if you do not properly prepare your skin for the spray tan, you can not expect to have long lasting results most likely. Making sure there is no deodorants, lotions, perfumes on your skin prior to your spray ran is essential because it could create a barrier, essentially blocking the tan from penetrating your skin or splotchy results. Also shaving and exfoliating with a mitt no less than 4 hours prior. Avoid using Dove soap, or any "creamy" heavily moisture rich soaps and most bar soaps which could leave residue on your skin. Our Salon grade body polish is what we recommend as we know this will not negatively affect your tan results. Please also note some razors have a heavy moisture strip that can create a barrier on this skin, so please make sure to wash this off if you use a razor with a barrier strip.

*NOTE* We want to make this easy on you, if you are not sure if you did everything correctly or are coming straight from work, simply request our in salon disposable exfoliate mitt and PH prep spray before your spray tan!

Putting on tight clothing such as yoga pants or jeans after your spray tan will effect the development of your tan which will affect how long your tan lasts. You want to stick to baggy clothing and clothing that will protect your skin from rubbing!

Drink your water! Not just for health reasons, but also for the longevity of your spray tan!

Lastly, moisturize on the daily! Make sure you are using one of our spray tan friendly lotions for optimal results and longevity of tan!

The Good News: Our spray tan solutions are the best on the market and formulated to last! We are here to answer any questions you may have! Text us or call us! 563-200-5570

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