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spray tan davenport

For Best Sunless Results

Exfoliate Prior
Use Tan Safe Products
Moisturize your Tan
Stay Hydrated

You have invested in the healthy way to tan and protect your skin, now lets make sure you prep your skin and plan accordingly for the best results!

SHAVE & EXFOLIATE: 12-24 hours prior to your appointment. No a loofah doesn't do the job unfortunately. You will want actual exfoliate gloves or a mitt that is course and will take off any dead skin and reveal a fresh layer for your spray tan. You want a smooth even layer of skin to allow for the spray tan to go on smooth and even. (SIDE NOTE: Showering or exfoliating too close to your spray tan application will not allow the time for needed amino acids to build up on the skin which react with the tanning solution to cause the coloring of your skin aka Tan)


PRODUCTS YOU USE: The products you use on your skin prior to a spray tan matter. Do not use a creamy shower gel such as Dove or bar soap. These will leave a film on your skin which creates a barrier to the spray tan and you may get spotty results. Opt for an organic clear body wash such as our "A Lil Lather" body wash which is safe for use prior to your spray tan and after your spray tan to ensure the longest results. You can even use it as a shaving barrier, as you do not want to use shaving cream. RAZORS: avoid razors with heavy moisture strips such as oil of Olay razors, opt for a razor with just a single moisture strip and make sure to wipe your legs and rinse well after shaving.


WASH YOUR HAIR: Make sure you wash your hair before your spray tan appointment so you do not have to wash your hair when you take your first rinse. During the first rinse you will not want any soaps, shampoo, conditioners etc on your skin as your spray tan is still developing over the next 24 hours. So plan accordingly.


NO LOTION / DEODORANT / PERFUMES: Do not use lotion, deodorant, perfumes etc on your skin after you shave and exfoliate. You want your skin free of all products for your spray tan appointment.


PLAN YOUR BEAUTY SERVICES: You will want the spray tan to be your very last beauty service meaning you do not want to get a pedicure, waxing, etc after a spray tan as these naturally will exfoliate the skin off and you will strip your tan in these areas.


ACTIVITY: You will want to avoid all activities that may lead to your skin getting wet or result in sweating until the initial rinse time. You also want to avoid your skin touching or rubbing. You will be dusted with our drying powder to help combat this but still be mindful or it. (avoid crossing legs, arms etc)


CLOTHING: You will want to bring dark loose fitting clothing to wear after your spray tan. No leggings, no jeans. Long sleeves and pants are best, the baggier the better. Opt for open toe shoes or furry boots.


WHAT TO WEAR DURING: You can wear as much or as little as you are comfortable with. Keep in mind you will have tan lines wherever there is clothing. We provide disposable thongs, bandeau tops and hair nets. Yes you can go fully nude, or topless. Men must wear bottoms of some sort.

And last but not LEAST come as you are! This is a JUDGE FREE ZONE and you do not need to feel uncomfortable 

Skin prep

Think of your skin as a canvas.  You want your skin to be a blank canvas for the spray technician to apply the custom spray.  This means no lotions, deodorants, perfumes etc. on your skin when you come in for your tan.

 Exfoliate and shave 24 hours prior to the custom spray tan.  Visit our Shop to get a spray tan friendly exfoliant and mitt.  It is very important to get a fresh layer of skin.  If you have an old spray tan on your skin you will want to make sure it is fully removed before getting a fresh custom spray.  Exfoliant gloves/mitts work great. NO loofahs!  Please make sure you rinse your skin thoroughly to get any residue that may be left from soap or exfoliants used.

Do not shower RIGHT BEFORE your appointment.  You want at least 4 hours in between any water exposure and your spray tan appointment for optimal PH level of skin. 


You will want to avoid getting your skin wet in any way while the tan is developing.  The spray technician will educate you on when you can rinse your skin depending on the type of tan you chose.  

Your very first rinse you will not use soap. Just use water and ensure the bronzer is fully rinsed off.  You will pat dry and apply spray tan friendly lotion. Be careful what products you use as some products can be harsh on your spray tan causing it to streak or fade unevenly.  We have spray tan friendly lotion that you can pick up while you are in the studio.  Using this lotion 2x daily will ensure your tan will fade evenly and last up to a week long.

You will want to avoid chlorine, manicure, pedicures, waxing etc.  These all exfoliate the skin off which can lead to quicker fading of the spray tan.  Make sure to get these type of beauty services done before your spray tan.  If you are going on vacation and will be in chlorine or salt water, applying our "Oh My Glow Tan Safe Body Oil" beforehand will help protect your sunless tan.

When shaving make sure to use a fresh razor and do not use shaving cream, but instead our "A Lil Lather Tan Safe Body Wash" or "Oh My Glow Body Oil Tan Safe Body Oil" which are made to ensure spray tan lasts.

Tan Safe Products

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