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It's time to make feeling good a priority.  You deserve it.

Services that fill your cup

sunless tanning davenport

The Signature Spray Tan

A Spray Tan experience like no other.  No detail is left out in our all inclusive Signature Spray Tan.  For every reason and every season, indulge in an experience that will uplift your spirits and have you feeling like a brand new you in just 20 minutes.

  • Choose from our rapid (2-4hr rinse) or standard rinse (7-10hr) solution

  • Starts with  our color enhancing prep spray which ensures optimal color results and eliminates any error in prep

  • Our brown base bronzer or clear solution is applied  taking you through our signature poses to ensure the most even natural looking tan

  • Our moisture seal spray is applied to hold in the moisture of the skin, prevent cracking and eliminate any post spray smell

  • Hands and feet are blended as well as any other areas 

  • Full body blow dry and organic setting powder is applied

Spray Tan Services

All Spray Tan Services come complimentary with a consultation; client disposables and a luxurious organic setting powder.



Color enhancing prep spray

This spray will enhance the results of your spray tan and help eliminate any errors in prepping your skin, leading to a longer lasting tan.


Mini Contour

Enhancing your natural curves and bone structure.  The subtle contour will add shading in all the right places to make you feel extra confident in your skin.


Hydration Seal

Boost of moisture that works to maximize the life of the tan. Prevents and eliminates any tan developing odor. Seals spray tan during and after development to ensure optimal fade.

teeth whitening davenport

Bronze & Brighten

The ultimate confidence boost in under an hour! Experience a radiant spray tan paired with teeth whitening that will leave you beaming with at least 3 shades whiter teeth. It's the perfect confidence-boosting pick-me-up you've been waiting for. This is for the Classic Tan and Teeth Whitening.  You can add Teeth Whitening to any tan!

Cosmetic Teeth Whitening

Our teeth whitening gel is a registered natural health product.  With the use of Hydrogen Peroxide, Carbamide Peroxide, tooth friendly Xylitol and other natural ingredients this formula combined with the blue and red LED light lifts stains from the teeth, remineralizes teeth, fights bacteria and gingivitis, removes plaque is enamel safe and pain free.

Spray Tan Parties

For a memorable, pampering experience with your favorite people.  In honor of you celebration we offer complimentary champagne and prep spray as well as 20% off all retail products for all guests.




A perfect way to ensure your whole bridal party is glowing to perfection.  Don't risk letting anyone have a  bad spray booth tan or self tan mishap that may be easy to spot on the big day.  

A fun and easy way to get everyones wedding trial tans in before the big day to ensure optimal color for everyone.

A personalized glow for you and your friends to start off your birthday festivities glowing.

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