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Spray Tans & LED Teeth Whitening

Spray Tan Services

All Spray Tan Services come complimentary with a consultation; client disposables and a luxurious organic setting powder.



Nourishing CBD Drops

Add to any spray tan to aid in dry, acne prone or itchy skin.  May also aid in joint and muscle pain relief.


Mini Face Contour

Hello Cheekbones!  This will highlight your facial features and mimic the effects of a daily bronzer.  Consider this a base to your makeup or replacement to your makeup routine for a few days.  Contour part lasts about 3 days until it fades into the spray tan.


Skin Firming Drops

A cutting edge formula designed to tone and tighten the skin.  This additive will attack cellulite where applied.


  • Maltodextrin– Active ingredient that aids in the penetration and effectiveness of other beneficial ingredients to increase their anti-aging properties

  • Caffeine Extract– Dehydrates fat cells making skin appear smoother and more firm

  • Silica– Maintains the firmness of the skin making it smooth and taut

  • Glycerin– A natural humectant that draws in moisture from the air to penetrate the skin for a deeper hydration of the outermost layer of the skin

Professional LED Teeth Whitening

Our teeth whitening gel is a registered natural health product.  With the use of Hydrogen Peroxide, Carbamide Peroxide, tooth friendly Xylitol and other natural ingredients this formula combined with the blue and red LED light lifts stains from the teeth, remineralizes teeth, fights bacteria and gingivitis, removes plaque is enamel safe and pain free.

Memberships & Packages

Spray Tan Parties

For a memorable, pampering experience with your favorite people.  In honor of you celebration we offer complimentary champagne and prep mitts as well as 20% off all retail products for all guests.




A perfect way to ensure your whole bridal party is glowing to perfection.  Don't risk letting anyone have a  bad spray booth tan or self tan mishap that may be easy to spot on the big day.  

A fun and easy way to get everyones wedding trial tans in before the big day to ensure optimal color for everyone.

A personalized glow for you and your friends to start off your birthday festivities glowing.

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